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Founded in 1975 in honor of Oscar G. T. Sonneck, a pioneer scholar, librarian, editor, and composer, the Sonneck Society set out “to encourage interest in and study of American music in all its facets.” Today, the renamed Society for American Music has surpassed those initial objectives with nearly 1,000 members, a renowned quarterly journal, and a history of forty-one conferences.

Despite the richness of American music scholarship today, challenges remain: to secure adequate support for research, sufficient publication subventions, and an endowment. To address these challenges, we are launching our first major campaign: SAM/2.0.

A 2011 online survey of the membership and an open forum at the 40th Annual Conference produced valuable information about our shared values and priorities, and a sense that the time is ripe for the Society to make long-term plans. As we near our 40th anniversary, we seek to realize a new set of goals:

The SAM/2.0 Campaign will enhance the Society’s ability to fund, promote, and reward new scholarship in American music. Your donation, pledge, or bequest will help us to promote new scholarship in music of the Americas and ensure the financial stability of the Society.

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SAM/2.0 Campaign Passes the $650,000 Mark

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SAM/2.0 Campaign Passes $800,000

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