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What is the financial goal of SAM/2.0?
The goal is $1 million.

Why is the campaign titled SAM/2.0?
Having achieved so many of the Society's original goals, the members of the Society for American Music have recently articulated a new set of goals and shared priorities. "2.0" represents the Society’s aspirations.

How vital is SAM/2.0 to the future of the Society?
SAM/2.0 is the Society's first major campaign. It will support the Society's long-term plans and ensure its financial stability.

How is annual giving different from SAM/2.0?
Annual gifts support our current awards, subventions, and student travel fund. The SAM/2.0 Campaign will endow new initiatives and ensure the continued financial stability of the Society.

How can I donate to SAM/2.0?
By filling out a pledge card. Payment options include a one-time contribution by check or credit card or a recurring credit card charge over a three-year period.

Can I include SAM/2.0 in my will?
Yes! If you are interested in the contributions of securities, a bequest in your will, or a charitable remainder trust, please contact bruce mcclung, Chair of the Development Committee, at or (513) 556-9549.

How long will the Campaign last?
The campaign is slated to conclude at the Society's 42nd annual conference in 2016.